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Infatuation or love-what's the difference?

What is infatuation?

Infatuation is an emotion of profound admiration and connection with someone else. It is not logical. It is an emotion that someone feels when they can't stop thinking about someone else. Infatuation almost always involves emotions and sexual attraction between two people. It is something that cannot be controlled, contained only 2 parts are attached. Basically, you'll know that you're besotted when you can stop thinking about someone else and seems almost your whole life revolves around the person you're besotted.

What is love?

Love, according to the oxford dictionary, is an emotion of strong affection and personal attack. Of course, there are all kinds of love, but when comparing infatuation vs love, romantic love is usually the subject of interest. Romantic love between two people is usually the successor of infatuation. After the "butterflies" that are common early in a relationship have subsided, the couple will be sincere interest developed in each other well. The thought of non-stop and the obsession for each other is no longer a feature of the relationship, and usually the butterflies you have stopped for some time that the couple is really in love with. The feelings of intimacy and obsession can occur, but usually not with the same amount of passion.

What causes infatuation?

Feelings of infatuation are caused by how someone perceives you. It also has to do with how they are affected by another person. Physical attraction is only part of the equation. The most important part has to do with how the other person thinks they are affected by them. Someone will become infatuated when they become addicted to you make them feel special. Who crave that feeling every minute. The infatuation lasts as long as they keep special feeling around you. This happens when a person sees and is influenced by the unique personality traits. For example, a man may be attracted to a woman's desire of comics. He is influenced by his interest. He ends up you buy a comic book or asking her to get dressed as superwoman for a costume party. Infatuation begins.

Infatuation that kills?

Infatuation can last days, weeks, months or even years. Survive as long as people feel like infatuate slowly are discovering other unique qualities. Once they run out of things to discover about each other, the feelings of obsession and excitement begin to fade. Whenever a guy or a girl begins to feel too comfortable around the person you are having feelings, butterflies start to dissipate and the thrill of knowing the other dies. Thus, the infatuation does not exist. Sometimes the relationship develops into love, infatuation's successor.

Infatuation always cause love?

Infatuation can lead to for love only if the bond that was created during the infatuation leads to do everything better than the sum of its parts. The infatuated couple must be able to balance without the haste that they did during the continuing infatuation yet to build a relationship of mutual respect, admiration, intimacy and care for each other. Intimacy is the keyword. If you simply respect, admiration and care but without intimacy, the relationship will end as a friendship. It is important to note that only infatuation can lead to a romantic relationship, only if the intimacy remains after the infatuation disappeared.


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